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Witness Iranian Courage

I have been following the second Iranian revolution since last June and it’s been an amazing thing to witness. Although it’s hard to believe this tense situation could be ratcheted up any further, it has. The Iranian people have become even more brazen, even more fearless and the nature of their actions signal that they truly have nothing left to lose anymore. They are fighting for their freedom with their lives. Something all Americans should respect.

I have embedded amazing footage of the Iranian people taking on armored and helmeted police with truncheons and motorcycles. These unarmed civilians fearlessly proceed to surround the brutally sadistic police who quickly become frightened for their lives. Eventually, the Iranian police turn their backs to the crowds and get pelted with an endless barrage of rocks to their armored padding and riot helmets. After setting their motorcycles afire, the Iranian people somehow stop short of executing the police where they stand. Even though it took the lives of several protesters to subdue and surround the police in the first place, these Iranian heroes, these patriots of freedom don’t take the cold blooded revenge many think they deserve.

In fact, I dare say that if a crowd of American protesters including me were slaughtered in cold blood the way the Iranians have been in this footage, our reaction after surrounding the police would’ve been to start a large bonfire consisting of motorcycles and police bodies. The Iranian people, however, do not fall victim to the immorality their own government wallows in. They have transcended the evil of their own government to arrive at a higher plane of selfless bravery and unity.

To display this selflessness, I have also embedded footage of a group of Iranian protesters that rush in to stop the hanging of two of their compatriots. The beauty of this selfless act is awe inspiring and I urge you to witness it for yourself. I do believe a few protesters actually end up dying in the rescue of these two condemned men. I don’t know about you, but this kind of selfless courage chokes me up.

Once this mess is over, I really hope we can work things out between Iran and the western world because it seems to me that we have a lot in common with the people of Iran. Although a successful Iranian revolution would probably still pursue nuclear power, any new government in Iran would be better to work with than the current one. Our best current hope for the further development of an educated Muslim middle class in the Middle East lies in the success of the green revolution over the Islam Republic of Iran.

The United States of America was founded on the courage of people that laid down their lives for their freedom. The Iranian people are laying down their lives for freedom as you read this.

The first video was found on posted by agharazi

The second video was found on YouTube and I'm not sure what the following language means, but I believe this mind blowing event took place in Sirjan, Iran: “فیلم کامل درگیری های سیرجان و غیور مردانش sirjan”

Posted by Frederick S. Friedman at January 1, 2010 2:20 PM