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The Pakistani People Are Going Insane!

Most of you know that Pakistan is undergoing extreme internal strife, but do you know who they blame for their suffering? I don’t mean to ask you who the Pakistanis blame for the regional predicament this newborn nuclear power finds itself in. I mean to ask you who the Pakistanis blame for physically bombing and murdering Pakistani civilians with their own hands. They blame Americans.

Well, to be more specific, they believe Americans, Israelis and Indians are funding American mercenaries to carry out terror attacks in the name of Muslims against Muslims. Just ask any Pakistani civilian on the street and they’ll immediately tell you that Blackwater USA, now known as Xe (pronounced zi), is carrying out the attacks. Even the rich and westernized portions of this country’s population believe our government is perpetrating terror attacks and trying (keyword here is ‘trying’) to blame this on the Pakistani Taliban.

The Pakistani Taliban have taken credit for nearly all of the attacks within that country over this bloody fall season, but one Taliban commander in particular blamed a horrible attack that angered the locals on Xe. Either he believed this to be true (Blackwater does operate in Pakistan )or he reacted to the intense unpopularity of this market place attack by deciding this was the best way to deny involvement. Unfortunately, the Taliban commander’s claim of Xe’s involvement in the terror attacks saturating Pakistani cities takes advantage of that country’s obsession with conspiracy theories. If ever a nation was worthy of Hitler’s old adage about how people “more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie” it’s the Pakistani people.

Among the most popular titles gracing the pages of Pakistan Daily are “Blackwater involved in Bhutto and Hariri hits says former Pakistani army chief", “A 21 gun salute to Hillary Clinton by the Blackwater Taliban”, “Pakistanis to Clinton: War on terror is not our war”, “Indian hidden war: The rise of the red sun”, “War on Islam – Pakistan: Lieberman pushes Obama to attack Pakistan”, “Proof of India’s involvement in militancy found”. Of course PakTribune has their own tripe to feed on with editorials like “India and USA: hand-in-glove, but articles like “Osama Bin Laden may be Jewish” and “Swat Taliban are Indian Intelligence Agents” have now been removed because they are perhaps too unbelievable even for the imaginative Pakistani public.

These articles are written by fear mongering ideologues that cast about for anything but the most simple explanation. Mustafa Qadri, a level headed Pakistani journalist, calls this “Pakistan’s conspiracy cottage industry” describing it as a reflection of a society trying to deal with a shocking level of violence and indulging in a unique kind of denial that links in with Pakistan’s history. Pakistan has witnessed the US and their own government set up, fund and operate terror/freedom fighter groups in other countries. Pakistanis considered Osama Bin Laden a showcase example of a paid agent of America during the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and at the time he was just that.

Even Pakistan’s prime minister, Asif Ali Zardari, told David Gregory of MSNBC that his wife (Bhutto), while Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1989, called the first President Bush to complain about this Bin Laden fellow of his and asked why he was trying to destabilize Pakistan. The people of Pakistan also have no illusions about the ties between their Inter Services Intelligence and our CIA either. In addition, most Pakistanis know of Israel’s proxy fighters in 1980s Lebanon and they have witnessed Indian funds flowing to Balochi and Pashtun dissidents in their own country.

In this light, it’s not a stretch of the Pakistani imagination to believe that foreign powers are exporting terrorism to Pakistan just as they themselves have been doing in Afghanistan and India. They believe this is a game that all nations play at because Pakistan’s cultural, military and political history has combined with their intense fear and denial to create an atmosphere where the simple truth is never accepted. Only serpentine plots of international scale warrant acknowledgement.

Ahmed Rashid of the BBC believes Pakistan is undergoing “a multi-dimensional series of crises and a collapse of public confidence in the state.” However, this has been accompanied by a breakout media explosion, which has come at the worst time for this conspiracy minded nation. A media explosion that has seen dozens of new satellite TV channels broadcasting sensationalist talk shows that feed Pakistan’s insatiable hunger for conspiracy fodder.

Regardless of the Pakistani public's sanity, the US government has become fed up with pressing the Pakistani government to step up their fight against the Islamic militants and recently delivered an ultimatum. This ultimatum has only garnered a strongly ambiguous response from Pakistan after which America responded equally ambiguously through Holbrooke calling for more Pakistan aid and the termination of the CIA contract with Zi in Pakistan on the one hand and a sharp increase in predator strikes on the other.

I don’t know what results we’ll get, but we seem to be stuffing a carrot down this country’s throat as we beat it on the ass with a stick. Something’s gotta give, I just hope it’s not the Pakistani people.

Posted by Frederick S. Friedman at December 27, 2009 12:47 PM