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Recognizing A Failed Government

For a benchmark on our national economy it is useful to look back at least as far as the great depression. During that era millions of people were ‘on the street’, or living off the land to survive. The reasons for the Great Depression are many and are still being debated today.

To bring the country out of the depression the administrations of FDR put several regulatory laws into place. A major one being the regulation of the banking industry through the Glass-Steagle Act of 1933. With the benefit of such regulation and the advent of WWII, employing millions, both male and female, the country began a slow recovery. This led to decades of progressive growth, slowing only in the latter part of the century.

During the 1960’s some developing countries, beyond Europe, began to manufacture goods on a large scale for trade in the international markets. In recognition the world community formed international bodies to regulate trade on a global basis. Businesses began to relocate overseas to take advantage of sources of cheap labor and less government interference, among other reasons. Governments worked to create trade agreements and harmonize administrative and trade laws to facilitate global trade based on a free trade concept.

Beginning in the mid 1980’s, during the Regan era, government chose to squelch anti-trust law to allow U.S. businesses to merge up to conglomerate status strengthening their ability to compete on the world stage. Trade agreements were not publicly debated, but hammered out in secretive meetings around the world and in closed door legislative sessions. In order to compete more effectively the U.S., Canada and Mexico entered into secretive agreements to form a tripartite trading zone within the three countries where citizens of those countries would be allowed to travel, unimpeded. Expansive transcontinental highway systems were planned to move imported goods efficiently across the country, again with no public input .

Such actions often subverted U.S. sovereignty and tramped on states rights. Immigration laws were not enforced while illegal immigration was facilitated through jobs, education, and healthcare provided to those looking for economic opportunity. During the Regan administration several millions of illegal immigrants were given amnesty and U.S citizenship. The public was told that borders would be secured to control further illegal immigration but the government chose to do just the opposite by attempting to secretly establish a North American Union. In so doing, U.S. southern and northern border security was to be relegated to the Mexican southern border and the Canadian northern border.

Millions of illegal immigrants continued to flow North leaving the U.S. middle class worker feeling even more economically threatened. The wave of major manufacturing industries moving offshore increased dramatically, placing extreme pressure on the U.S. job market. The government reacted by choosing to facilitate the relocation of businesses and the flow of immigrants crossing our borders under the guise of free trade.

The actions taken and policies implemented by this government have delivered the populace into a major recession, if not a depression, resulting in strife having similarity to that of the 1930’s. And, for some of the same reasons; corrupt business practices in the financial sector, relaxed regulatory law, and secretive and delusional trade policies. Government officials, many of long tenure and subject to little accountability, have led us to this situation and, rather than adopt reform, they continue to pursue the same failed policies. Incontrovertible, is the fact that the government has worked to lower the quality of life for the U.S. citizen through various practices designed to facilitate a global economy. Government has conducted nothing less than a full assault on the middle class in seeking to achieve some level of parity with major trading partners around the world.

In a relatively brief timeframe of 15 years this country has gone from the richest nation on earth to the largest debtor nation. Nation-wide debt is on the order of $80 trillion. Every citizen is now indebted by approximately $200 thousand dollars. Millions are without healthcare, unemployed and relying, to some degree, on the government for subsistence. While jobs have been outsourced and relocated overseas the government is looking to provide a second amnesty and has failed to secure the border to prevent an invasion of immigrants looking for jobs and citizenship.

Over time we have watched the dismantling of government regulations and the implementation of laws designed to destroy a semblance of good government. Corporate Personhood was put into law, in 1886, under a cloud and giving corporations certain rights attributed to humans. Money is Free Speech was put into law in 1990, giving the wealthy an extraordinary and corrupting influence over government at the expense of the public good. The Glass-Steagal Act was repealed in 1999,
rewarding the banking industry after a 20 year and $300M dollar effort. Commodities Futures trading was corrupted with the Commodities Futures Modernization Act, 2002, permitting hedge funds to operate without proper oversight. Investment firms were allowed to increase their leverage from 9-1 to 40-1, encouraging risk taking.
Few sectors have survived the actions of this failed government: construction, steel, auto-industry, healthcare, or education.

Many of the surviving institutions and industries have done so at the largesse of the government in the form of taxpayer funding. With no major reforms in place there is every chance that the situation will worsen over time. A government that refuses to reform and continues to pursue the same failed policies is dangerous to the Republic and to the welfare of the people.

Defined in a nutshell; morality and greed. The Republic has been brought to it’s knees by a million tiny cuts. Our leaders chose to do the wrong things for wrong reasons. This points to a failure of our education system. The tablets of Moses have been buried under the steel and concrete dominions of our universities. On any day you will be exposed to media reports reflecting yet another tiny cut. For example: from a Wash. Post article, Oct 26th, we learn that Rep. Pete Visclosky (Indiana) has sponsored or supported earmarks of several millions for 15 firms, all using K&L gates, a lobbying firm. After making a campaign donation these firms would receive ear mark funds through Visclosky’s efforts. It began with two Harvard professors looking for venture capital for a biotech business based in Boston. Between 2008-2009, nearly 30% of earmarks supported by Visclosky, worth $63 million, were steered to firms outside Indiana. Nearly three-quarters of his campaign funds came from outside the state, most of it tied to the firms receiving ear marks.

A failed government should be replaced. While the legislative bodies and the administration receive low marks for their performance, the incumbents in government are re-elected to office approximately 95% of the time. With little accountability for their actions and their steadfastness in pursuing failed policies there is no option left for the public, other than implementing reform of our system of government. This can best be done through a third party, wherein the party members have oversight authority for their elected and appointed officials. In that way much needed reform of government can take place, hopefully before its too late.

Otherwise, we have the government we deserve!

Posted by Roy Ellis at November 9, 2009 11:57 AM