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The Rush Won't Slow Down

Rush has already been a champion in the fight against the MSM (MainStream Media for the uninitiated), which is another word for the Liberal media. Now Rush is under attack from what will be called the “Liberal sports establishment”. Rush will now take these “Liberal jock traitors” and put them on a shelf with the MSM and Hollywood. Basically, anyone in the entertainment industry that attacks this man has become part of the Liberal establishment as will I when some people read this post. To his listeners, Rush cannot be racist. Those that think he is racist in anyway just don’t “get it”, as they say.

Sports is about to become another battlefield for the endless left-right war to engulf and carve into an un-American factional mess. Just like the right and left artificially created two propaganda machines in MSNBC and Fox News that told them what they each wanted to hear, the duopoly has also picked teams when it comes to actors and celebrities. Although, the right came up with their share of conservatives in Hollywood, the balance of celebrities lean left as will probably be the case with the NFL and most other professional sports organizations. Is this a function of Liberal indoctrination about conservatives or a public reaction to the true unspoken beliefs of conservative America? I believe it to be both.

For example, we can assume that conservatives get NASCAR by proxy of its audience’s demographics and would drivers really protest if Rush sponsored their cars? For one, Rush hasn’t disparaged any of NASCAR’s drivers, none of whom are African American except for a lonesome Bill Lester. Rush has, however, made a point to continue spewing racist commentary every now and then simply to keep things controversial and to bait as many Liberals as possible. When his listeners hear Liberal Americans “overreact” to what they see as a borderline statement they themselves want to say, Rush has completed one more cycle of sensationalist hatemongering.

Some can still debate whether or not Rush is a bigot, but I’m not among them. If Al Sharpton comes out of the wood work to stop Rush from buying an NFL team, he may not be right in what he’s doing, but it’s safe to say Rush did something to piss him off. If Rush thinks he can say that the streets were safer after dark during slavery without offending all African Americans, Liberal or Conservative, then he really doesn’t understand what year it is. Just maybe the common denominator here is not Liberals, but Rush’s racism. Read Rush's top ten racist statements and tell me what you think.

Posted by Frederick S. Friedman at October 12, 2009 7:47 PM