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Respect of the dead

The irony of the moment could not be more clear, two parents both who have lost a son in the war in Iraq. Both stirred to act as a result of another. Both making some of the same demands.

I demand that you stop using my son’s name and my family’s sacrifice to continue your illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq.

I looked at that and I said, not once did they ever ask me if they could use my son’s name and my family name for their advertising…

You can say both sides are demanding respect of their dead, how they differ is what they demand. It will not be a popular belief, but the reality is had the Cindy Sheehan supporters respected Gary Qualls request that his son's name not be included on the roadside crosses his participation probably would have ended there. Why Cindy's group felt it necessary to repeat this at least twice after Gary met with Cindy which resulted with the photo of Cindy and Gary hugging I can't explain.

One ponders, shouldn't a group that is demanding their own loved ones names not be used surely understand how a father who experienced the same loss might feel? These feelings of frustration and his disagreement with what was being said moved him to act.

How will the media treat Gary Qualls? Will he have the media on the doorstep of his Fort Qualls? Can we expect the microscope to come out on his life and his previous statements? Will there become some big media contest as to who has the most supporters in their camp? There are already complaints from some of the anti-war supporters that the choice of a heading used by MSNBC is wrong, yet they do not bother to focus on what the article is about.

Should we expect numerous pro-Gary articles or anti-Gary articles all over the blogosphere including here on Watch Blog? Will people rush to donate over a hundred thousand dollars to help his quest? Will some group on the right jump forward to provide Gary with a Public Relations firm to help him? Since he's a father will he not create the same feelings of sympathy? Is his loss somehow less important than Cindy's loss? Those are just some of the many questions that came to mind when I first read about Gary Quall.

Both parents have the right to demonstrate to tell their point of view, anyone who supported Cindy Sheehan should be also supporting Gary Qualls.

Respect of the dead, what appears to be such a simple request.....

Posted by Lisa Renee Ward at August 21, 2005 12:17 PM