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The real silent epidemic among children

What is this silent epidemic? Hunger? Lack of educational abilities? Sexual or physical abuse? I was amazed to learn today that according to Senator Hillary Clinton, it is playing violent video games. Obviously, this is such a serious issue that we need to have a Federal investigation. While there are areas I do agree with Senator Clinton, on this one I disagree. The real solutions to this silent epidemic are very simple ones.

Follow the rating system and don't buy games for your children that are not age appropriate. The rating system is very clear. Any parent who can read simple English can understand an MA means "Mature Audience". If as proposed the one game in question is changed to AO "Adults Only" should that really matter? Anyone under 17 is already NOT supposed to be playing games such as Grand Theft Auto with or without the downloadable mod that creates some type of cartoon sex scene.

Yes, I understand the whole issue of what educators and mental health experts claim is the result of children playing violent video games. It is the same concept as allowing children to watch violent movies that depict graphic violence. It may very well cause some of the problems we see in some children today, I am not going to dispute that here.

However, I suggest to you the real silent epidemic among children is caused by a lack of one thing and one thing only. Parents who actually know how to parent. Being a parent isn't an easy job; I know I have five children. They would report to you what a mean and horrible mother I am. I have the unmitigated gall to demand things like knowing where they are going, who they will be with and what time they will return. Worse yet? I force them against their will to eat dinner as a family whenever possible. The horrors I put my youngest thru will probably scar her for life as she according to her own reports, is the only ten year old on this planet that hasn't been able to play Grand Theft Auto or watch R rated movies. Adding to her burden caused by being born as my child we read books, together even.

Every day I wait for Children Protective Services to knock on my door for these above mentioned atrocities and because I refused to let my 16 year old have a tattoo or her tongue pierced because "everybody has one". I have yet to meet these "everybodies" since it appears all of her friends are tattoo free, and the numbers with tongue piercing could be counted on one hand. They also, be warned, this is the worst, do their homework and studying before they are allowed to go on the internet or watch television. At times my children commiserate with each other at the unfairness of life to have placed them with a mother who loves them enough to take her job as their mother as one of her main priorities.

We do not need the FTC to investigate this, what we do need is more parents to become acquainted with the word "NO". Or for those that prefer the soft approach, "I'm sorry but that is not appropriate for you". I am growing tired of the Government feeling as if it needs to step in when it is really our responsibility. We are the ones who created these lives, it is up to US not Hillary Clinton, not the FTC to determine what is best for our children.

Posted by Lisa Renee Ward at July 15, 2005 1:23 AM