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Take Action Quickly

The Senate is expected to vote tomorrow on an appropriations bill with the Real ID act riding along. Please take this opportunity to contact your senators and let them know you are against this bill. A website has been set up to make this action a little easier. (Read here for my previous post on this subject.)

They give their own list of complaints but missing from their list are the following:

1- This bill holds federal money as ransom to illicit compliance from states. This amounts to extortion.

2- This bill is too vague in its wording, and allows for RFID technology to be required in the ID cards. This technology undermines personal freedom and anonymity as police can identify law-abiding citizens from a distance, without their knowledge, leading to the possibility of an extreme abuse of power.

3- This regulatory power deserves debate and the discussion of its merits and downfalls, and thus has no place with a bill that requires a sense of urgency. This inclusion of the Real ID act is an attempt to circumvent the type of debate we, as citizens, expect from our representatives regarding the allocation of such power to the federal government.

Please, if you agree with these points, take a minute of your time to visit the website:, and let your senators know how you feel!

Posted by Andrew Parker at May 9, 2005 2:17 PM