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DeLay Calls for Greater Humility; Oh Please!

Is this guy kidding? Tom Delay calling for humility and responsibility, please, does he even know what those two words mean? Speaking at the 54th annual National Day of Prayer, Delay said,

Just think of what we could accomplish if we checked our pride at the door, if collectively we all spent less time taking credit and more time deserving it… if we spent less time ducking responsibility and more time welcoming it, if we spent less time on our soapboxes and more time on our knees.

Has the man no integrity at all, has he no ethics, no moral compass guiding his pathetic little life? How can a man who professes to know and love God be so far from the shadow of his teachings? How shallow, vapid, and pathetic a man. I didn’t think it possible to feel more distain for Delay, but…

Posted by V. Edward Martin at May 6, 2005 11:16 AM