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Separation of Church and State

I haven’t heard much commentary about this, and I find it rather curious. Does anyone understand why we’re flying the American flag at half-staff for the death of the Pope?

As far as separation of church and state, I understand that this in no way establishes a religion in the US, etc. But it is a curiosity that the President would require flags to be flown at half staff for the death of a religious leader. Yes, John Paul II was a foreign dignitary, but this was far overshadowed by his religious position.

So, why is this curious? For one, Bush isn't even Catholic. Two, given the sensitivity of our society towards matters of church vs. state, you'd think that Bush wouldn't want to get this close to the issue. Three, the Pope wasn't American, nor did he really do anything for America as a nation. Four, he openly opposed Bush's war in Iraq, so doesn't that make him part of the Axis of Evil?

All I can really say about the matter is that I'm glad I don't have a flag.

Posted by Andrew Parker at April 11, 2005 4:20 PM