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Congress Has Embarrassed Itself Again

This week saw one of the most shameless displays of grandstanding by politicians that I can recall. Charged under our Constitution to protect our vital interests in the field of limited enumerated powers, the House of Represenatives decided it had nothing better to do than to find out if a group of both retired and still active major league baseball players had taken steroids.

Politics and baseball are two of my favorite pastimes, but there is absolutely no reason they should have been mixed in this manner. Watching Congressmen who previously asked questions about national security and national economic policy asking a clown like Jose Conseco about his steroid use degrades Congress while putting our Representatives in the middle of a mess they have no constitutional authority to be involved in. To make themselves even more laughable, these Congressmen had the temerity to chide Bud Selig, a man who has been fighting the Major League Player’s Union to implement steroid testing for years. They demanded to know why Selig had not magically forced the most powerful players union in American sports to submit to an even more stringent steroid testing policy in the middle of an non-expired labor agreement.

There is no doubt that steroids are a major problem in professional baseball- and the Players’ Union stonewalling on this issue has severely undermined the game. But this is a GAME, and this is an issue that the players, the owners and their customers should be left alone to handle. The House of Representative’s shameful interjection into this arena was done for one reason- to get attention. After all, this may be the only way for some of these Congressmen to live their lifelong dream of headlining ESPN’s Sportscenter.

Posted by Misha Tseytlin at March 20, 2005 12:13 AM