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Kyoto Begins

Today 141 nations around the world ratified the Kyoto protocol that is supposed to cut emissions 5.2 percent below 1990 levels sometime around the year 2012. Unfortunately, once again, our government has sided with business on this one instead of the environment. Like some childish sibling bickering, the Bush administration has refused to ratify Kyoto because nations like China, and India are not involved.

The nations on board with Kyoto do not all agree as to the cause of the warming of the Earth. Critics say that if fully implemented, the plan might not even have an noticeable effect. Other critics cite the billion dollar costs of the project and the harm that it will do to many countries. The nations of the world have never agreed on much of anything really, but those in support of Kyoto do however agree on this one thing. When it comes to environmental pollution, something must be done to stop it.

These nations also agree that simply saying, "we don't know the cause of the warming," and shrugging off expert advice as "bad science" is not good enough excuses for one the world's largest air polluters to continue its trend of blatantly bad environmental stewardship. The bottom line is that, while China and India are both large producers of air pollution, this does not give validity to the United States of America refusing to limit it's own pollution.

We must all admit that the Bush administration has constantly taken the wrong side of the battle for environmental protection. While we are overseas fighting international terrorism, Bush is busy at the HQ rolling back environmental standards that will harm us here at home. While the other actions of this administration have clearly been careless and negligent, not supporting Kyoto is beyond irresponsible.

There is no choice when it comes to cleaner air and the safety of our families growing up in this nation. It is something we must all do, or suffer the consequences. Citing a lack of consensus on global warming is just a way to distract Americans from the fact that their country is irresponsible and refuses to change. Four more years. Four more years...

Posted by Adam Ducker at February 16, 2005 11:38 AM