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The Media and The Public Interest

The drive to invade Iran is increasing. However, the propaganda war on the American people has already gotten sloppy. As Bradblog notes, they are using the same pictures as “proof” of nuclear facilities in both Iran and Korea. Cnn will of course march out some insignificant low level staffer and sacrifice them if this ever gets any coverage at all.

The news media was completely complacent in the lead up to the Iraq war, and now it appears that they are striving to take a more active role in misleading the public. While the FCC obsesses over Janet Jackson's breast and Howard Stern's prurient interest in lesbians it chooses to ignore any substantive issues in their role of protecting the public interest. Rather than spend all of their time responding to a handful of cranks with a religious axe to grind, shouldn't the FCC be focused instead on ensuring that those companies who take advantage of a public resource are using it responsibly?

Posted by rev_matt_y at February 14, 2005 11:05 AM