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Freedom Continues Its Retreat In America

As the Bush Administration sends democracy and liberty marching through the streets of oppressed nation around the world, here at home it is dying under the heels of a dictatorial regime; the American Presidency. In a continued effort to silence all opposition to his wrong-headed social security plan, Bush has now taken to black-listing from public forums American citizen who do not agree with political stance.

On February 3rd henchmen (no doubt Secret Service) barred some 40 American citizens from attending a publicly funded Presidential forum to discuss the Presidents (dim-witted) plan to remake Social Security.

Again the astonishing hypocrisy of this Republican Administration is stunning in its scope and audacity. What Bush and his henchman did in Fargo, North Dakota on February 3rd is a blatant and unconscionable violation of the spirit and letter of the First Amendment to the Federal Constitution. The 1st Amendment was written expressly to ensure that the flower of free and open political speech does not whiter and die under the cold shade of oppression. And as free-speech dies so does the very heart of our democratic Republic; as free-speech dies, so too does the will of We The People, the free expression of political ideals, and the accountability of government to the people it services.

Terry McAuliffe the outgoing Chairman Democratic National Committee issued the following statement:

"It is disgusting and unpatriotic for President Bush to keep American taxpayers out of a public event they paid for just because they might disagree with his plan to privatize Social Security. If Bush really wants to have an open dialogue about the issue, he should welcome every American citizen to the table."

Said the Washington Post of the event in an article entitled: Some Barred From Bush's North Dakota Speech,

"Not everyone was welcome, apparently, at President Bush's speech in North Dakota yesterday…The Fargo Forum reported that a city commissioner, a liberal radio producer, a deputy Democratic campaign manager and a number of university professors were among more than 40 area residents who were barred from attending the Bush event. Their names were on a list supplied to workers at two ticket distribution sites.

The "Bush blacklist" is "frightening," Tom Athans, chief executive of Democracy Radio, said after learning that a producer for the liberal "Ed Schultz Show" was among those barred. "To blacklist a local citizen because he produces a radio program at odds with the political agenda of the White House is dangerous for democracy."
City Commissioner Linda Coates, whose husband was also on the list, told the newspaper that the list "is very revealing as to what this administration is all about."

The White House said the list may have come from volunteers; it did not come from the White House." [Washington Post, 2/04/05]

Bush’s actions, or more accurately those actions taken on his behalf or behest are only the latest transgressions in a long list of un-democratic and unconstitutional practices taken by his administration in an effort to distance the would-be King from his disgruntled subjects. How much integrity does Bush have in order to extol the virtues of democracy to the world and then suppress them here at home? Would I be off the mark to state none? Does the man even know or understand the true nature of liberty? How this man and his deceitful Administration crawl under my skin and chill me, not because of his Party affiliation, but because his (al most) every action undermines the principles under-girding the very principles of our American democracy!

Four more years! Four more years of lies; four more years of blindness; four more year of deception and double-dealing; four more years of ineptitude; four more years of smug arrogance; four more years of trampled liberty that at their heart sow the seeds of tyranny and oppression into the soil of our future governance. We The People are losing our democracy to an American President even as he sends our Armed Forces to win it in distant lands. How sinfully, and desperately ironic!

Posted by V. Edward Martin at February 11, 2005 2:54 PM