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Media personalities as shills for the government.

I would expect conservatives to be even more appalled than liberals by the revelations of columnists and commentators on the federal payroll, what with the mantra of small government and states rights and all. Certainly quite a few prominent conservatives have condemned the practice, but the vast majority are keeping mum on the subject. While the obvious conflict of interest is disturbing, I don’t believe these people saw what they were doing as fundamentally dishonest.

They were accepting money to promote programs that they likely supported anyway. If the Green or Libertarian party were to pay me to advocate voting for third parties I wouldn't hesitate for a moment: I'm already doing it, why not get paid for it? Of course, I would disclose the funding.

There have been no instances of what few liberal commentators there are being on the payroll of the federal government. But if the Dems held the White House, it's entirely possible they would have done the same thing.

Posted by rev_matt_y at January 28, 2005 4:08 PM