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Some Real Advice For The Democrats

I guess it is somewhere in between courtesy and boastfulness for the Republicans to make suggestions on how to win elections. After all, they are sweeping through everything. It needs to be known though that what started with Reagan and his new breed of Republicans can start right now too with the Democrats.

The answer so far from the Republicans is to throw out the so called “radical factions” within the Democratic party. They give the advice to get rid of the far left “obstructionists” and to move more moderate. This makes me snicker.

It’s funny for them to suggest such a thing when a “radical faction” has already taken over the Republican Party. There is no debating this. In the last twenty-five years the Christian Right has worked its way up the ladder until now it has a figurehead, George W. Bush, in the highest U.S. office. Such is the nature of American political parties though.

The Republican Party has exemplified organization and political foundations for the last ten years. It isn’t the policy or the morals that get them their vote. It is not their spite for abortion, or their affinity towards anti-homosexual legislation. It is their steadfast platform and their network of ties to the Christian Right which now still brings the richest voters, but as a bonus snags a huge swath of the Southern Christian vote.

Despite the clarity of these details, many Republicans are still calling for fundamental shifts in the Democratic Party towards the middle or even over to the Right. Such a move would shake up the Democratic base, cause the party to drop a major number of voters, and then leave it with even more wishy-washy middle of the road voters.

What the Republicans are not advising is to change the organizational structure. In many of the more “cut-throat” industries of America people use the slogan, “There are no techniques, just secrets.” As if it is some secret how the Republicans have gained such strength in America, they continue to tout their victories as a moral and social shift, thus embedding this lie into the soreness of another Democratic defeat. That the Democratic Party is even debating changing its stance on issues to win the next election is proof enough that this lie is working.

What the Democrats need now is to get back to their roots. Once again, encourage conservation. Though the Bush Administration has ushered in a new era of focus on militarism, there is still a huge population dedicated to the issues of the environment. Work with that. Remind America which party in the past has created social programs that help the poor and needy. Make education a major issue again as well. Take a stance on abortion and stick with it. Do the same for gay rights. No matter the stance on whatever the issue, voters will be lost. The Democrats must get over that fear. Strength and clarity on an issue will attract those who believe fully in that issue and build strong party foundations.

The days of Democratic flip-floppery have got to end. Shift to the left for real, and believe you me, the party will start to attract more voters. Don’t let the Republican win cause people to believe the nation is somehow turning more Conservative than Liberal. We are in the middle of two wars. No sitting president has ever lost re-election during a war, let alone two of them. Liberalism is very much alive and there are hundreds of thousands of people like me just wanting to support the Democrats but still having doubts and reservations. Many of us non-Democrats supported John Kerry, but many like me were very hesitant to do so.

A “radical faction”, such as the far left, will not destroy the party. It will instead strengthen its base. Strength of platform is the most important issue in politics. In the end it is true that the Democrats should become more like the Republicans. This does not mean taking on Republican issues though. Get rid of those thoughts. If the Republican political structure is instead analyzed and implemented, the Democrats will begin to rebuild their party and win elections.

This may not come in 2008, or even in 2012. It is hard to tell how long it will take to break the strength of the Republican Party. Eventually though, there will come an election where the left leaning Americans will finally come together for real on key issues. These goals should be long term, not a year to year system for gathering voters. Bring Republican strength back in to the Democratic Party, not the Republican issues. If the platform is strong, the strong voters will come back to the party.

Posted by Adam Ducker at January 27, 2005 9:53 AM