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All politics is local

A friend of my wife is going to be running for the school board in our fair city. This got me to thinking about the local level. How much research do you do into local candidates? Do you read their literature, look up their websites, and maybe check the local papers for recommendations? Do you actually talk to the candidates themselves?

The advent of blogs has certainly changed the dynamics of this on a national level, and in some areas on a state level. Here in St. Louis there are several blogs that focus on city and county politics, from both conservative and liberal perspectives, which I find very valuable in evaluating my options. The two things I'm wondering are: Do a lot of cities have blogs that cover really low level politics like school boards elections? If you were trying to decide between several candidates for the school board, what questions would you ask them?

Posted by rev_matt_y at December 23, 2004 11:23 AM