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Election Funk

People like Sean Hannity are calling it Bush Country. It’s the 2004 election results map county by county. The nation is red from east to west with blue patches popping up here and there like a disease. And that is really how many conservatives see us isn’t it? We’re just some kind of disease to them. The last fires of a dying idealogical viewpoint. Everything we believe in smacks them in the face. We can’t help it though.

Speaking for myself, I believe we should be measured by how we treat the lessor among us. I cringe at the thought of four more years of “haves and have mores.” Somehow the idea of rampant poverty escapes many Republicans. In our ownership society everybody can just pull themselves up by their bootstraps, right? I think you have to own boots to have bootstraps, first of all. Add that to the long list of things that look good on paper but never work in real life.

It's the same way with the environment. I cringe at the thought of drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Sure, I know those extra millions of gallons of oil will make somebody rich for about six months. Isn't that what matters in capitalism? Forget about the wildlife. Somehow John Kerry, with a voting record on environmental issues unparalleled in the Senate, managed to not make the environment an issue in this election. Didn't he know that the majority of Americans support stronger environmental regulations? That they understand how corporations won't take care of their pollution on their own without regulations? I just don't understand it.

You know what else bothers me? Six months ago the Republicans were up in arms every other day over voter fraud and the potential for lost votes. Now where are they? Lately they are accusing the Democrats of trying to steal the election by revealing fraudulent voting patterns. Go figure. Man, this election put a bad taste in my mouth, what about you? Am I bitter? Of course I'm bitter. The decorated war hero lost to an AWOL frat boy. The man who fought in bravely in Vietnam lost to a man who sent us into Iraq on false pretenses. These are the election issues which set the results in motion. Tell me how that makes sense.

To our friends on the right though, I say good job on the election. I will remind you that the map may be mostly red but we are packed into the blue counties like sardines. I hope you will join us in fixing election problems and not let more partisan nonsense get in the way of that. I'll see you all in 2006.

Posted by Adam Ducker at November 18, 2004 4:40 AM