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The Partisan Divide

Angela Winters

Part of the reason I’m an Independent is because I can’t bring myself to form allegiance with either the Democrat or Republican parties because of the dirty mud slinging they both engage in. This year was worse than any I can remember and has only reinforced my opinion that neither party deserves an endorsement.

It didn’t help when I read this article at Reuters suggesting that Bush’s second term agenda may widen the partisan divide even further.

When Kerry conceded the election, I was grateful. He wasn't going to win and he took the high road. We were able to avoid the ugliness that we had after the 2000 election, which really fueled the partisan bickering we're seeing today.

I was hopeful that this move, plus the fact that 54 million people told Bush they didn't want anything to do with him, would create a sense of humility and possibly open the door to change.

I get caught on this one all the time. Despite having lived in D.C. for six years, I never learn my lesson. I'm a midwestern girl with midwestern values. I believe a fresh start actually means a fresh start and it gets me every time.

Bush feels he has a mandate to push his far right policies which will make Kerry supporters, already carrying their heart in their hands, angrier and angrier. Overturning Roe vs Wade, Affirmative Action or more tax cuts for the rich? War in Iran? Speculation is rampant and you can feel the sense of hysteria that threatens the Left.

It's possible that we haven't seen anything yet.

Posted by Politopics at November 5, 2004 11:13 AM