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Four more years of the Bush administration. I commented to someone at work that I will show the administration all the respect and consideration that the Republicans and religious right showed to Clinton.
The Republicans have long proclaimed the importance of responsibility and accountability, and I am in complete agreement with them on this. I believe strongly in people being held accountable for their actions.

Now that they control the House, the Senate, the White House, and the Supreme Court, is it safe to think that they will expect to be held accountable if they fail to deliver the entirety of their official platform? Any issue they fail to deliver on is one which they were clearly lying about supporting. There is nothing preventing them from achieving everything they promised (outside of Constitutional Amendments, they still don't have enough of a majority to pull that off). Will they be held accountable for such a failing in two years or four years?

Just to hit the high points of that platform, I've summarized their platform below. Note that the topic titles often sound innocuous until you read their actual interpretation. For example "Culture of Life" means outlaw all abortion. "Protect Marriage" means outlaw marriage between members of the same sex. There are quite a few items on this list I support (even when I read the details of what the Reps think about the topic).

Win the war on terror
More PATRIOT act
Fight terrorism
Halt the proliferation of WMD
Strengthen alliances
Strengthen our national security infrastructure
Support First Responders
Secure airports, ports, borders, and critical infrastructure

Usher in an ownership era
More tax cuts
Encourage savings
Privatize Social Security
Encourage home ownership
Support small businesses
Health Savings Accounts
Protect property rights

Build an innovative economy to compete in the world
Lower taxes
Eliminate Alternative Minimum Tax
Fiscal discipline
Government reform
Limit growth of spending
Line item veto
Eliminate some federal government services
Corporate accountability
Enforce trade agreements, open new markets
Reform litigation
Affordable, reliable, independent energy
Protect workers rights
Affordable health care
Medical liability reform
Funding for science

Strengthen our communities
Affordable health care
Honor veterans
Respect and protect environment
Clear Skies initiative
Land/National Parks conservations
Modernize Endangered Species Act
Combat homelessness
Drug free communities
Faith based initiatives
Voting rights
Recall 'activist' judges

Protecting our families
Welfare reform
Promote two parent families
Support adoption and foster parenting
Promote healthy choices, particularly abstinence
Promote flex time
Protect children from obscenity
Protect marriage
Promote a culture of life

Posted by rev_matt_y at November 3, 2004 1:10 PM