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What Have We Done?

This morning I am stunned. Stunned by the overwhelming majority of votes President Bush amassed in last nights still undecided, but decided election. And along with being stunned I am disillusioned. How could so many Americans think as Bush does? How could so many Americans excuse what his administration has done to the country, both here and aboard?

So many voices raised the alarm about the dubious and oft-time underhanded way this President conducts the peoples business and yet in record numbers, it appears that Bush will win re-election. What were we thinking, what have we done? We the People have spoken; and We the People have sanctioned four more years of what has been arguably the worst Presidency in the history of our nation.

It appears that clearly the majority no longer holds true to the principles of our founding; liberty and justice for all is now just a phrase to be uttered, a platitude to be uttered to school children in passing. It is no longer a guiding principle to be adhered to and upheld. Indeed while freedom is allegedly on the march in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is in retreat here in America as “[V]oters in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon and Utah all approved anti-same-sex marriage amendments by double-digit margins.” They have sewn bigotry and intolerance into the very fabric of freedom and enlightenment. How closed is the mind, how cold and ignoble is the heart that seeks to deny freedom and equality to all because of ignorance? And while the light of liberty shines brightly elsewhere, here in America the bulb is dimmed by We the People’s lack of understanding of our constitutional principles, and the ignorant championing of religious ideology and the politics of self before the good of the nation and society.

But clearly the majority has spoken; tightening the Republican Party’s grip on the nation’s governing bodies. Our grand experiment with the true meaning and exercise of equality, freedom, and justice for all is coming to a close, replaced by scripture, verse, and hardhearted conservatism. Belief in the strength of our democratic ideals had been supplanted by prayer and whispers that all is in God’s hands. God gave us free will and washed his hand of us; we are the sovereigns of our own destiny.

It will be an interesting four years; I only hope the American Republic can survive the ride. We are less today then yesterday because of what we have done. Our light is fading, our respect in the world retreating, our grand experiment in enlightened governance failing, and we have but ourselves to blame. Yes, the terrorist threat is real, but with one attack they are winning the war for the heart and minds of the world. Democracy cannot triumph if its spokesman has not the creditability to make its message of hope sound true.

Posted by V. Edward Martin at November 3, 2004 8:12 AM