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The More Things Change, and Whats Next

Its Over. George W. Bush has taken virtually the same coalition of states that won him the presidency in 2000 and has won re-election over John Kerry. Despite all of the overanalyzing of the economic shifts in each state, the supposed young voter turnout that never materialized, and the impact of the war in Iraq, practically the same people from the same states chose George W. Bush as President of the United States. Given that the Democrats presented them with a completely uninspiring leftist candidate as an alternative, the result is hardly surprising.

I have had great misgivings about George W. Bush's first four years, especially in regard to the growth of the federal government. From increasing the government's role in education to Medicare to control over civil liberties (especially of so-called 'enemy combatants'), Bush has gone back on his promise to be a small-government conservative. But I am willing to give a man a second chance, especially when I have no choice. Here are four things I want to see from Bush over the next four years:

1. Real Social Security reform. Mr. President, we need reform that will harness the power of the market and give people ownership over their contributions into the system. You understand the importance of this and you realize that this battle will be difficult. But if you managed to push through two major tax cuts, I know you can do this- if you have the political will.

2. Smart Supreme Court appointments. Mr. President, you need to appoint Supreme Court judges that will cut back on invented constitutional rights like 'the right to an abortion' while zealously enforcing rights actually guaranteed by the constitution- like free speech and the right to a trial. It will be tempting to appoint judges who will validate your claims to broad powers to hold alleged terrorists, but you need to consider the long-term future of our constitutional system. You must appoint judges who want to seriously consider the history, text and principals of our constitution, even if that consideration leads them to rule against you.

3. Cut Spending. Our government is running huge deficits we cannot afford, and there are solutions to this problem. Our government is currently funding billions of dollars of scientific research that has little chance of helping any American and it is engaging in incredible amounts of pork-barrel give aways to powerful interest groups. People from both parties can get together and find areas in the federal government that we can cut. Otherwise, we are financing today's tax cuts (which I supported) and spending on the shoulders of tomorrow's wage earners.

4. Unite on Foreign Policy. You need to make a concerted effort to get Democrats involved in the discussion about foreign affairs and the war on terror. I generally agree with you on foreign policy matters, but you have clearly failed to convey what I think is a powerful and persuasive agenda to those on the other side of the isle. I think we will fight a better, more effective ACTIVE war on terror if we can have the majority of people on both sides of the political spectrum to have input into our foreign policy decisions.

It is often said that the first term of a presidency is spent trying to get re-elected, while the second term is spent building one's legacy. Well, President Bush, you have been re-elected. Now its time to build a legacy that Americans will be proud to look back on.

Posted by Misha Tseytlin at November 3, 2004 1:04 AM