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Down to the wire

As we come down to the wire, I am genuinely surprised at the number of people who are undecided. If you think the person in the job now is doing well, then you should be out voting for them. If you think they are not, you should be voting for someone else.

That doesn't mean "If you think they both suck, you should vote for Kerry because he's not already there.", it means vote for someone you actually believe in. Voting Libertarian, or Constitution, or Green, or Peace and Freedom, or Taxpayer, etc etc will not decide this election. But the more people who get out and vote against BOTH of the big corporate parties the better off we will all be in the long run.

I've heard the argument from a lot of people who claim to not think very highly of Bush that "He's the only one who will be really strong on terror and protect our country." Um, yea. Interesting world you live in. In the real world it doesn't matter all that much who becomes president in terms of the war on terror and protecting America. Either one of them will have to make hard decisions and put a lot of effort into it. And either one of them will do a mediocre job of it because neither party will address the real issues that lead to terrorism in the first place. My instant response to these people is to think "Because he's done such a stunning job so far?".

By ignoring terrorism in spite of the fact that every major foreign policy expert left and right for the past 10 years has been emphasizing that the Cold War is over and now the main battle is terrorism? By getting bored with the war on terror after 6 months and going after the weakest and least threatening of the 'Axis of Evil' countries and diverting funds from the war on terror to try and drum up support for that effort? And regardless of what you think about why we went to war in Iraq, has the U.S. ever had such a poorly planned military undertaking in the past 100 years?

And of course when I question the rationale of these people I get "Do you think Gore would've done a better job?" On balance, probably not. That's why I voted against him. Wanda Sykes had a great observation the other night. She said she didn't think she'd ever voted FOR anyone, but she sure as hell has voted AGAINST every last one of them.

-- matt yarbrough

Posted by rev_matt_y at November 1, 2004 2:26 PM