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Can both parties create a unified front in response to Bin Ladin’s videotape?

Maybe it is too much to ask, but I think it’s worth asking anyway. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m suffering from political OD and have pulled away from the television and the blogs a bit because my head will explode if I don’t. I’m trying to focus on everything but voting on my own blog. Then came this tape and I saw an epiphany; an opportunity for us to get some sense of civility just four days before D-Day.

It started out all good. Kerry made his statement, then Bush made his. In my dreams, I had hoped that their camps would work together to make the same statement, but like I said, that was in my dreams. What they gave was good enough. I sighed in relief and went about my business.

Then later that night, I'm online and I'm seeing the blogs going back and forth. This is good for Bush because it keeps Americans afraid. This is good for Kerry, because it reminds Americans that Bush has let the real enemy go. I tend to agree with the Kerry folks because that was my first reaction. I was just so pissed he was not just alive, but throwing it in our face that he was strong and healed and had the gall to act as if he was giving us helpful advice.

As my centrist blood began to boil, I realized that there was no way the parties weren't going to use this in the last few days. It stirs up too much emotion and both sides have already shown that they're desperate in more ways than one. It seems as if they are sending their pundits on the news shows to do the criticizing for them. I don't expect they'll go crazy like the blogs because there is a thin line, but these guys and gals are smart. They will skirt that line, but fortunately don't seem to be doing too much of it.

Thank God we only have a few days. I for one, plan to watch TV Shows on DVD so I can hold on to my sanity. For a little comic release on the issue, I direct you to Wonkette. I'm Osama bin Laden and I Approve of This Message.

P.S. If you haven't seen The Princess Bride, you won't get it.

Posted by Politopics at October 30, 2004 11:39 AM