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Boo who?

Ed Koch was on Comedy Central last week and made a comment that really struck a nerve with me. He made some comment about Bush and some of the audience booed. Koch responded in all seriousness “How come only liberals ever boo?”. This struck me at the time as being disingenuous. I’ve seen plenty of political events in my day, and attended quite a few as well. Everyone boos.

As I thought more about it, I realized that his comment is representative of everything that's wrong with both of the major parties in this country: Lie about absolutely everything in order to convince people that the other side is wrong and evil and un-American.

In the grand scheme of things his lie wasn't as serious as lying about WMD's or even lying about getting a blowjob. It was simply indicative that many political hacks have reached the point where they are so used to automatically responding to anything with a lie intended to cast the other party in a bad light that frankly they don't even realize it anymore. They now often lie for no reason and to no effect simply out of habit.

In a few minutes of reading the news I found dozens of instances of blatant lies being told by both sides, from the conservative pundits claim the Mary Cheney's sexuality was not publicly known until Kerry and Edwards thoughtlessly brought it into the public to Kerry's claims about the cost of the war in Iraq. These are not differences of opinion, these are factually false. This is the state of our 'great political parties'. It gets far, far worse if you start to look at the campaign ads and 527 ads. They take it from exaggerations and 'spin' (which I'll address in a moment) to the most aggressive and unrepentant lies I've ever seen. Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are only the most well known example of this and they are certainly one of the worst offenders. But it is a disgrace for Democrats to then air misleading ads and as a defense simply point out that they are not AS dishonest as SBVT. That's hardly something to be proud of.

On a final note, I would love to see the death of the word 'spin'. It is, as William Henry so pithily noted “a messenger who spins bogus research into a vile theology of hatred”. I think it is part of our obsession with euphemisms in order to avoid the cold hard truth. They are not spin doctors, they are liars. The 'news' from the corporate press is not spin, it's lies. Call it what it is. When both sides come out of the debate claiming overwhelming victory it is not a 'matter of interpretation'. It is a lie. I think it was best parodied on the Daily Show where Rob Corddry and Ed Helms were portraying journalists covering the campaign and both were exaggerating the position of one of the parties to the point where Corddry said “the fact that Bush, who according to most standardized test is technically a retard, wasn't reduced to tears in a debate with the SMARTEST MAN IN HISTORY is clearly a big win”.

Posted by rev_matt_y at October 26, 2004 6:17 AM