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Why Kerry's not doing so well in polls

While polls differ as to the question which candidate would be elected president if the elections were held today, Media Tenor’s data shows that Kerry’s coverage in the context of hard issues, such as the economy, healthcare or education, is mostly negative on TV news.

Despite positive coverage of his campaign, his personal life and history and his performance in the first two TV debates, Kerry has received negative coverage in the context of the issues that are currently most important to Americans. These results point to the uphill battle Kerry is facing in trying to win over swing voters.

A recent Newsweek poll (September 30 - October 2) of a total of 1,013 registered voters nationwide found that the most important issues in determining their vote for president this year are, in this order, terrorism and homeland security, the economy and the situation in Iraq. A look at Media Tenor's data from June to October 2004 shows that the coverage of Kerry on TV networks regarding these issues has been mostly negative in tone and has decreased since the beginning of September. At the same time, Bush's ratings have increased in the context of these issues, also starting in September.

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Posted by Isadora Badi at October 12, 2004 5:18 PM