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We Don't Need No Education

One of my top 3 issues is always education. It has been since I was a teenager, and is even more so now that I am a parent. “Leave No Child Behind” has been a non-started since day one. Schools have been under funded and increasingly forced to indoctrinate ‘loyal consumers’ rather than actually educate children.

I see no need to review Bush's education proposals on the campaign trail, as he has failed to deliver any of what he promised in 2000 and I can safely assume he will continue to do so if reelected*.

Kerry's campaign talks a good talk that is largely indistinguishable from every mainstream candidate for anything in the past decade. Sure, they're all laudable goals, but talking the talk doesn't really help anyone. If they actually deliver then I'll take it seriously. Bush the first and Clinton both declared themselves the "education president" and then both promptly alternately did nothing or made the situation worse depending on the year.

The one interesting point is the "School's Open 'Til Six" component, which I think is truly critical. This is a benefit in particular for working class families who often don't have anyone around after school and before the parents get home from work. While both the Democrats and Republicans seem loathe to do anything that will help working families, this program would truly demonstrate that they value the hard working Americans who keep this country going. While I should be surprised that there isn't strong bipartisan support for this sort of programs, I'm not. I expect if such a bill ever gets to Congress the Reps will try to kill it as 'socialist' and Dems will try to funnel the money from it to their own districts ignoring ones that may need the funds more. Perhaps I'm overly cynical.

*Note that I said reelected. For those of you still harping on "selected not elected": get over it. Bush won the electoral college. How those electors were chosen is certainly a matter for discussion, but Bush was indeed elected according to the procedures laid out by our Founding Fathers.

Posted by rev_matt_y at October 1, 2004 11:33 AM