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ABC and CBS cheer for Kerry --- NBC Bucks Trend; Focuses on Issues, More Balanced Reporting

NBC focused more on policy issues than on Kerry’s personality over the past week than the other networks. As a result, NBC presented John F. Kerry in the least positive tone during the Democratic convention, compared to the other TV networks which provided Kerry with coverage that was extremely positive in its overall tone.

In a comparative study of major network coverage of the Democratic National Convention, Media Tenor, a non-partisan, independent institute analyzing presidential campaign coverage, found that NBC is bucking several trends when it comes to political reporting at the big three networks.

NBC gave more coverage to Bill Clinton than ABC and CBS and also presented a more balanced portrayal of the democrats compared to the other networks. NBC also left some room for other issues next to its campaign coverage, while journalists at ABC and CBS paid more attention to Kerry's personality and personal life, two topics on which he has received the highest amount of positive coverage.

CBS was particularly benign in their coverage of Kerry, with 26% of their reports showing the candidate in a favorable light. And while only 16% of ABC's coverage and 9% of NBC's coverage was positive, these percentages vastly outweighed both negative commentary and the level of positive coverage during non-convention news cycles.

Complete copies of this report can be obtained from Media Tenor's website at

Posted by Isadora Badi at August 2, 2004 5:41 PM