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12 things I hate about you

Ralph Nader has an opinion piece in the Boston Globe noting 12 important topics in which the Democrats will be silent during the convention this week.

I agree with Nader both on the importance of the issues at hand and with his observation that the Democrats will not address them in any way shape or form. The NAFTA issue alone should be a prime issue for anyone who cares about either jobs or the environment, but Democrats are as suborned to the power of big money corporate donations as the Republicans are.

Reading through the list I see issues that matter far more to me than who did what in the 1970's. Issues that matter far more to me than the tabloid issue of Gay Marraige. And I wonder once again: If the Democrats aren't interested in these issues, then precisely what issues are they interested in for which I should support them?

The article certainly served to remind me why I've voted for Nader repeatedly.

Posted by rev_matt_y at July 26, 2004 9:56 AM