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Kerry less visible in news than Gore in 2000

Senator John Kerry’s media presence during the first half of the presidential election year has fallen significantly short of the coverage Al Gore received during the 2000 campaign.

The latest report from Media Tenor, an independent media institute, shows that while Gore's media coverage doubled from January to June in 2000, Kerry's presence in leading national media outlets decreased to only one third of the total political coverage during the corresponding period in 2004. In June, Kerry reiceved only 28.9% of the total political coverage in these outlets. Four years ago, Gore's share of the coverage was 50.1%.

While media presence during an election campaign does not necessarily indicate candidate popularity with voters, Bush has easily beat Kerry (especially when compared with Gore in 2000) in media visibility during the campaign season thus far. Media Tenor's analysis of leading media shows that in June 2000 Bush slightly trailed Gore in media visibility, while in June 2004, Bush's media visibility is at more than twice that of Kerry's.

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Posted by Isadora Badi at July 15, 2004 2:02 PM