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Clinton's "Life" Pushes Kerry Out of Media Spotlight, Making Room for Nader

New York, June 28, 2004 - John Kerry’s presidential campaign was overshadowed by the release of Bill Clinton’s autobiography, “My Life,” according to the latest report from Media Tenor, an independent media analysis institute. With the launch of Clinton’s book tour, his media coverage increased from less than 1% to 5% on the network evening news. Meanwhile coverage of John Kerry’s electoral campaign decreased to just 1.5% of the evening news broadcasts.

With Kerry practically absent from the evening news, independent candidate Nader returned to TV news, especially on ABC and NBC. Nader's presence on ABC increased from zero to 4.3% during the past week, while Kerry received no coverage on that network. During that same period, NBC dedicated an equal amount of coverage to Kerry and Nader, with both receiving coverage for 4.8% of its evening news broadcast.

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Posted by Isadora Badi at June 28, 2004 3:20 PM