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Nader asks supporters to vote Kerry

In an interview on NPR, Nader indicated that his campaign was intended to drive the Democrats toward a more progressive platform. He stated that he wanted supporters to come to his rallys, show their support, but that they should feel free to vote for Kerry once they are in the booth. Particularly if they are in swing states.

There have been rumors circulating for a few weeks that this was Nader's plan for the campaign, but now we have it right from the horse's mouth as it were. This will certainly generate scads of conspiracy theory nonsense from the right. They will say that Nader's spending should be counted as Kerry spending, they will say he has sold out the Green party, they will say he was financed by the 'liberal' media in order to bring Bush down.

Paranoid nonsense aside, I'm not at all surprised by this statement. After Kerry met with Nader and treated him with respect and consideration I thought it was a foregone conclusion that Nader would work to ensure that he got his agenda into the discussion without sabatoging Kerry.

I also think that the two major parties are marginally less identical now than they were even four years ago. When Nader ran in 92, and 94, I saw no substantive difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. That has changed a good deal, and I think that Nader now sees the Democrats as being enough different from the Republicans that he'd rather have a Dem in office than a Rep.

Posted by rev_matt_y at June 24, 2004 11:08 AM