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The Party of Censorship?

It seems like every time I turn around, Republicans are trying to censor something. Last year it was the Reagan documentary on CBS, before that it was any critical debate of pre and post 9-11 actions of the Bush Administration (though criticism of Clinton Administration actions was encouraged, even if it was false). Now Michael Moore is back in the gunsights. Republican PR firm Russo Marsh & Rogers have created a “grass roots organization” consisting entirely of RM&R employees to pressure movie theaters into not showing Fahrenheit 9-11.

The lastest tactic has been to issue a press release claiming that terrorist group Hezbollah supports the movie. This based on a quote from a third rate celebrity gossip paper in Europe. Not exactly the sort of source I would consider trustworthy without at least some basic verification...

Conservatives have long been advocates of censorship and maximum restrictions on freedom, so this really comes as no surprise. What does surprise me is that Libertarians so often ally themselves with Republicans when the Reps are clearly in opposition to the most important tenet of Libertarianism, which is individual freedom. I've had this discussion with Libertarians many a time. When I ask how they rationalize such seemingly disparate ideals, they always go off on unrelated tangents about how the Democrats are in the pockets of trial lawyers or some such nonsense.

Is it truly a free country if people with money decide what you will or won't be able to see? Wouldn't supporters of a free market want to put Fahrenheit 9-11 out there for all to see and let the market decide if it was worthwhile or not?
As usual it seems to be "We want a Free Market only if the market does what we want."

Posted by rev_matt_y at June 18, 2004 10:18 AM