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Nader and Kerry

Well, it looks like Kerry did learn something from Gore’s campaign. Kerry met with Nader. Not only did he meet with him, he did not ask Nader to get out of the race. With a non-hostile relationship between the Democrats and the Greens, it looks more likely that Nader will target his efforts to not-in-play states.

In his first public speech after the meeting Nader attacked Bush and spared Kerry, whereas in 2000 Nader spent more time attacking Gore than Bush. If This (likely) uneasy alliance goes well, it could free up a lot of Kerry funds to focus on the battlegrounds while Nader handles the task of fighting Bush in safe states to shift whatever votes away from Bush that he can.

It's also possible that Nader could help tip the balance even in unsafe state. In states like Oregon, Kerry will be focusing on the Portland metro area while Bush focuses on the rural parts of the state. The idea being that a gain of just a few percentage points in either area could push a borderline state to one side or the other. If Nader campaigned in the rural areas highlighting government excesses and lack of actions that help rural familes it could hurt Bush a good deal.

Note also that the Reform Party endorsed Nader, which is a big win for him. Frankly, I hope he does well this year. I'd like to see the growth of any party other than the Dems and Reps. Maybe someday we'll have a real representative democracy.

Posted by rev_matt_y at May 20, 2004 1:13 PM