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Poll Results Driven by TV News; Bush In Better Position To Control His Media Image

NEW YORK - May 10, 2004. The latest report from Media Tenor, an independent institute examining the presidential election media coverage, shows that media interest in George W. Bush’s position on the recently revealed torture of Iraqi prisoners helped to elevate his share of direct quotes to 44% in early May. The issue received major coverage on all three networks and contributed to the high frequency of sound bites directly from the President. Meanwhile, direct quotes from John Kerry declined by approximately 10% during the same period.

Media Tenor's data shows that TV evening news portrayals of the candidates on a negative/neutral/positive scale have had an ongoing influence among voters, based on current polls. Positive ratings over a two-week period for either candidate have triggered a lead in the polls for that candidate (see slide 12) with an approximate two-week lag.

Download complete report at PDF file.

All statements in reports from print or broadcast media (TV News Shows) in which a candidate is mentioned are analyzed. The information is evaluated on statement level: all information given about the candidate is coded as a new individual statement. The overall ratings come from the combination of context (when the content is embedded in positive or negative context) and explicit rating (when the journalist uses words of clearly positive or negative judgment).

Posted by Isadora Badi at May 14, 2004 10:31 AM