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History in the making

You know, I’ve been considering the whole “Bush as Hitler” idea. Maybe a better analogy would be Bush as FDR. Hmmm! Maybe bush as Hitler/FDR. A hybrid genetically altered creature born in the bowels of a secret evangelical neo-con laboratory. This creation of god and science was released onto this world to lead the true children of god in a crusade against the Islamic Fascist menace.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m kind of prone to dark sarcastic humor.

It just so happens that the WWII era provides such a wealth of analogies. There were sneak attacks, fascism and a war of liberation.

Did you know that one of the main reasons for the Japanese attack was a U.S. oil embargo? FDR turned off the tap to show his disapproval for the Japanese’s empire building. Just as the Iraqi insurgents keep blowing up oil infrastructure to show their disapproval of our presents in Iraq. Now you may not like what the insurgents are doing, but the Japanese really hated what FDR did. They considered it meddling in their internal affairs and an act of war. To this day many Japanese consider the attack a valid response. Meanwhile the world community considers Iraq as an empire building oil grab. Eerie coincidence isn’t it.

FDR, Hitler, and Bush all had/have similar problems. All had angry populations (Pearl Harbor, The Versaille Treaty, 9/11), a need for economic stimulus and the problem of leading a country at war. The all came to the same solution but applied it in different degrees. The solution was to subvert the constitutions of their respective countries.

Hitler chose the most extreme means of subverting a constitution, by becoming a dictator with absolute power. The great depression, the Germans hatred of the Versaille Treaty, the Weimar Republic, Jews, and Communists allowed him to get away with this.

The results of the German population's complacency/support of Hitler allowed them to become intimately acquainted with two great bits of wisdom: Absolute Power corrupts absolutely and, if you break down all the wall between you and the devil, there is nothing stopping the devil from coming for you. The civil liberties protecting the Jews and communists from Hitler’s “revenge” also protected everyone else from Hitler's madness. With those liberties gone, life became “interesting” for the Germans and eventually the world. Of course all Hitler’s atrocities were done to defend the “Motherland”. (I wonder if they had a Motherland Security department?)

FDR’s attempts to subvert our constitution were repeatedly thwarted by the Supreme Court. So he attempted to “pack” the Supreme Court with his supporters. Not quite a coup d'état attempt but pretty darn close. In the end he failed to add more Justices but managed to bully the court into supporting him and his “New Deal”. To this day we are still arguing about whether his programs are a blessing or a curse. (Interesting footnote: Most of the Supreme Court decisions against FDR were 5 to 4. Not unlike what is happening today)

Of course when talking about dictatorial powers and FDR we have to talk about the internment of the Japanese American population. In response to the Pearl Harbor attack we created concentration camps and herded Japanese into them “for the duration”. The internments left the USA with and embarrassing legacy.

This brings us to Mr. Bush. Just like Pearl Harbor his response to 9/11 was mass arrests of Muslims. On the positive side he didn’t arrest as many Muslims as FDR arrested Japanese and he didn’t keep them locked up as long. But on the negative side there was a disturbing lack of due process and the Justice Department refused to say who they were holding. The reason FDR rounded up all the Japanese was to prevent saboteurs from caring out acts of terrorism. The similarities are kind of spooky. If this kind of thing happens a couple more times we are going to need a Bureau of Mass Arrest. (I wonder if it will be under Homeland Security or the Justice department.)

Mr. Bush’s other constitutional indiscretions are fairly well known. I did a rant on them in a April 25th post, but here is a summary: A back door approach to making fundamentalist evangelical Christianity the state religion, The Patriot act, Patriot Act II, The “data mining” project, subverting due process with the “Enemy combatant” designation of Jose Padilla and going to war in Iraq without asking Congress to declare War.

In my own rambling obtuse way I am trying to make a point. The point is that people are as panicky as sheep. When times get tough, people seem to get stupid. In order to “get” the “evil people” or “fix” a problem we tend to throw caution to the wind and toss away some very hard won protections.

What Hitler did was horrific. What FDR did was abusive. What George Bush is doing is dangerous.

Makes me wonder what history will write about the U.S. verses Iraq period in 50 to 100 years. After all: first order of business for U.S. troops was to secure the Oil fields, there are no WMD, the country is descending into civil war and torture is being used to suppress the locals. It doesn’t look like the history books are going to be too kind. The Japanese didn’t succeed in their little oil grab, will we?

I think its time for the Republicans to dump W and draft McCain as their candidate.

Posted by at May 12, 2004 9:29 PM