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Everything That Rises

People have commented on the increasing convergence of Kerry and Bush’s foreign policies, but Walter Russel Mead of the Council on Foreign Relations makes clear the salient difference. More than simply shaping policy, it underpins it, and I believe it explains Bush’s recent resurgence in the polls in spite of all the bad news:

“… voters are going to say to themselves: ‘What’s the difference? If I vote for Kerry, I will get a war in Iraq and someone who doesn’t believe in the war but is going to have to fight it anyway. If I vote for Bush, I get a war in Iraq, fought by somebody who believes in the war.’”

Democrats ask what Bush can do that Kerry can't do as well or better. Since coitus interruptus with Iraq Zapatisto-style is not an option, there's your answer.

Posted by at April 26, 2004 10:46 PM