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Fox News Channel Refuses to Show Flag Draped Coffins of American War Dead

Fox News Channel, you know that bastion of “Fair and Balanced” news reporting, once again shows it neo-conservative leaning by being the only major news outlet in the United States not to air photos of the flag draped coffins of American soldiers and Marines returning from Iraq. A Fox News spokesmen as reported by the New York Times this morning stated:

[a]mong the national television news organizations, only the Fox News Channel had no plans to use any of the photos or explore the issue of why they had been barred from use in the news media…
Humm, sounds fair and balanced to me.

In a free and open society this sort of open censorship should not be allowed to stand, and the unabashed distain for the truth by a purported news outlook should not go unanswered. I for one will never trust Fox News to bring me the unvarnished truth—not that I trust the other news outlets to tell the complete truth, but at least they showed some journalistic integrity in pursuing the story.

One more reason to make sure Bush and his increasingly crooked, deceitful, arrogant, autocratic Administration has to go, and when they do, lets hope they take Fox News Channel with them.

Posted by V. Edward Martin at April 23, 2004 11:07 AM