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In the discussion on my previous post, I’ve noticed a lot of people taking as fact some things that are actually myths. To set the record straight, I point you to this article.

Myths about jobs and outsourcing

This is what the politicians and trade protectionists won’t tell you about the economy and jobs. Both major political parties play this game, I’m not picking on the Republicans or the Democrats.

"The American economy never rests. At this moment, in fact, economic growth is vigorous. Yet every time there is a slight dip in the acceleration of output, jobs or incomes, the undying myths of a sputtering, backfiring economy rise again. Today, many of those myths concern the ills of outsourcing."

Here's a quick summary of the myths:

Myth 1:
America is losing jobs.
Myth 2:
The low jobless rate excludes many discouraged workers
Myth 3:
Outsourcing will cause a net loss of 3.3 million jobs.
Myth 4:
Free trade, free labor and free capital harm the U.S. economy.
Myth 5:
A job outsourced is a job lost.
Myth 6:
Outsourcing is a one-way street.
Myth 7:
American manufacturing jobs are moving to poor nations, especially China.
Myth 8:
Only greedy corporations benefit from outsourcing.
Myth 9:
The government can protect American workers from outsourcing.

You've got to read the article to get the facts.

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Posted by JasonTromm at April 19, 2004 1:23 PM