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Exporting Jobs Scam

Harry Browne has an excellent article about the “Exporting Jobs Scam” that politicians are trying to pull on us. His main point: It’s not the “greedy corporations” that are taking jobs overseas for cheap labor. Government over-regulation is pushing companies to move the jobs overseas.

Harry lists a few reasons corporations are building their factories overseas.

  • Discrimination lawsuits have forced companies to hire by quotas.  Not an efficient way to build a workforce. You don't have anti-discrimination laws like that overseas.
  • Environmental regulations have become so burdensome you can't efficiently produce a quality product.
  • Companies have been forced to make major changes to their facilities to accomodate disabled employees or customers. This drives up costs.
  • And the biggest problem of all, "In addition to the wages paid to employees, companies must collect and contribute to payroll taxes that grow bigger and bigger over the years." Companies are being taxed out of the country!

Most politicians like John Kerry don't have any way to solve this problem except more government regulation. That's not the answer. The answer is to "repeal all the regulatory legislation that's driven companies to export the jobs." When's this going to happen?

If you answered, "Never," you're probably right. At least not with the politicians we currently have in Washington.

Posted by JasonTromm at April 18, 2004 7:36 PM