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What I was thinking when I elected Bush

Watchblog contributor V. Edward Martin has asked what we were thinking when we elected Bush, and I feel compelled to respond. Not only am I proud to have voted for Bush, I feel he has responded to our confidence with perhaps the greatest leadership seen in decades.

While vision, intellect, and wisdom are all nice abstract ideas, the most important component of being the leader of the free world is, to me, leadership. The ability to see the world for what it is and the ability to respond effectively to protect our country and status as a torch-bearer for freedom and democracy.
The Democrats love to label Republicans as 'dumb'. Gerald Ford was a clumsy oaf, Ronald Reagan was supposedly 'senile'(while in office), and Dan Quayle? No need to even go there. I would not be so quick to label someone who has degrees from BOTH Harvard and Yale as stupid. This obvious fraud that made it's way through people's inboxes would pass as fact to the major media (ask the London Guardian).
Bill Clinton, if nothing else, could certainly think on his feet. The media LOVED to label him as an intellectual, a thinker. But America was attacked by al-qaeda no less than 5 times under his watch, and his administration fiddled while the embers burned.
There has been one al-qaeda attack on America under President Bush's watch, and it was a HUGE one. A devastating attack that changed the rules of the game.
As I listened to President Bush's news conference, I heard one thing. He understands fully what those attacks meant, for our nation and the time we live. He will win this war no matter what. His quote from last night's news conference, “We can no longer rely on oceans to protect us” describes it well. He also understands that a radical band of fanatics has declared war on us. For some reason, despite Bin Laden's 1996 declaration of war that not only told us he would attack us, but told us how he would do it, the Clinton administration never got the message that this was a pressing problem.
And yes, it took until 9/11 until the Bush administration responded with the urgency needed as well. But a look at the results since September 11th show the victories we have had in the war on terror. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Libya are no longer safe havens for terrorists. Even countries such as Yemen have made life harder for those would attack us. Every battle has been a clear victory, despite the machinations of those such as Ted Kennedy, who want to turn a clear victory in Iraq until a muddled loss, for no other reason than personal political gain.
It was NOT by chance that the problem of terrorism got much, much worse under the leadership of a possibly intelligent but self absorbed Clinton administration, while it has gotten much, much better under the leadership of a President who sees things as they are and is not afraid to place our countries future in the hands of the greatest military force in the history of the world, and not a useless bureaucracy that places more importance on raiding it's own cafeteria than on enforcing it's so called 'resolutions'. Don't get me wrong, the threat is still there and there is still great danger to us, but the results of how things have gotten better are tangible and easy to see.

It doesn't take great intelligence to see things as they are, but it does take great leadership to see it, and great courage to do what it takes to fix the problem, no matter the protests.

Now, with another election upcoming, and everything we have been through, John Kerry has said nothing that would indicate to me he either has the great leadership to see the problem, or the great courage to stand alone if necessary to fix it, his Vietnam experience notwithstanding.

Posted by Rob B. at April 14, 2004 11:32 AM