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Anti-Bush Patriots

I know this may shock a lot of people but it’s possible to be a patriot and oppose Bush’s policies. (Please note: I am also NOT a Democrat.)

No sane person would want our troops to be slaughtered and have our ass kicked out of Iraq. The troops are real people with real lives. To imply that speaking out against George Bush is a traitorous act really burns me up. I have family over there being shot at. I have other family members that are approaching draft age.

It’s all well and good to spout bull about the glorious Iraq campaign while standing on the corpses of strangers. It’s all very wonderful to call them heroes when you never gave a damn about them when they were alive. Lets see the super patriots put their own butts on the line, or better yet their sons and nephews. Lets see them cheer on the slaughter when someone they held as an infant gets his head blow off “live on FOX NEWS tonight”.

I don’t know what's going to happen in Iraq, but neither does anyone else. That doesn’t mean that Bush hasn’t screwed up, or that his election shouldn’t be opposed. It’s an election year and he made a controversial call in Iraq. He gambled that the Iraqi’s would sprinkle rose petals before our troops, love us for removing Saddam and that everything would be over by November of 2004. It looks like he is losing that bet!

The situation in Iraq is not the Democrats' fault or the independents' fault. It’s George’s fault! The nature of democracy is that when you make a mess you had better have a darn good reason. If you don’t, then get it cleaned up by the next election. Before one of my family members ends up dead in Iraq I want a hell of a lot better reason than fictional weapons of mass destruction and I want an iron clad pre-war connection to al-Qeda (one that not even the Democrats can dispute). It is up to the Bush administration to supply these things if he wants to get re-elected. This viewpoint doesn’t make me a traitor it makes me a responsible citizen who holds his elected officials accountable for their actions.

Can we achieve a military victory over a bunch of lightly armed thugs in ski mask? Of course! They are going to be slaughtered. This is a military action and they have no air support and no armor. Can we “keep” Iraq under our control for the foreseeable future? Of course we can, but it’s going to mean reinstating the draft and a lot of dead Americans!

We are the lone super power on the planet. If we wanted to we could nuke the cities and just keep the oil. But Bush never said we were going over there for oil, and a victory on the battlefield doesn’t mean you won the war. We are supposed to be liberating the Iraqis. Maybe some people consider slaughtering everyone in a city a good way to “liberate” people. Personally I enjoy liberty better when all my internal organs are intact. It is becoming very obvious that most Iraqis don’t care who rules their country. None of them are lifting a finger to stop the insurrection and a lot of them are assisting it.

The fat lady hasn’t sung yet. But she’s doing her breathing exercises and getting ready to belt out an opera. The nature of a democracy is than when our leader does something stupid they don’t get re-elected. If Bush doesn’t get this mess cleaned up by November then he is history. To call someone a traitor for pointing out the obvious is attempting to subvert the democratic process and is in itself a traitorous act.

Posted by at April 9, 2004 1:15 PM