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The Rice Testimony

I watched/listened to the Rice testimony today, how anti-climactic.
The Democrats attacked, she filibustered. Then the Republicans asked her leading questions so she could give canned speeches. I suppose the point of this boondoggle was to get her testimony on record, under oath and in public.

Both sides will site a sentence or two from her testimony and claim victory. Personally her refusing to accept ANY responsibility for what happen disappointed me. All she did was point a finger elsewhere. After all wasnít she one of the people driving the boat? She had a chance to increase her stock in the eyes of the public but let it slip by.

I will readily confess I listened to the testimony while at work and may have missed something.

But I am sure the readers and contributors to this site will correct my erroneous viewpoint.

So smile, itís your federal government at work. ; )

Posted by at April 8, 2004 4:19 PM