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Coming out of the woodwork

Like rats jumping off a burning ship, an election year must seem to be a nice cleansing moment for Washington D.C., with their own version of the ship-board vermin leaving town to write books and blast whoever is currently in power, such as Clinton and Bush terror advisor Richard Clarke has recently done. The real trick for America is trying to tell just who the heck is telling the truth, and who doesn’t mind playing hard and fast with the truth in order to sell books. While not at all easy, little clues will appear that often put us in the right direction.

While I was certainly no fan of President Clinton, I also could not finish Unlimited Access by Gary Aldrich. Whether he was telling the truth or not, I don't know. But his writing seemed to harp on what seemed to me to be petty grievances, mixed in with a bunch of outlandish, hard to believe ones (pornographic Christmas tree decorations?). In wasn't Clinton's attack machine, but rather Aldrich's own words that put me off and made me look at the author himself with one eyebrow raised. The truth seemed secondary to what seemed to be a personal campaign of 'shock and awe'.
The upcoming book by Clarke, to me, has set off the same red flags. First, some major Democrats, never known for ignoring political expediency, especially in an election year, have refused to go along with some of the conclusions drawn by Clarke. Next, this close associate of Kerry 's foreign policy advisor Rand Beers, queries, "One shudders to think what additional errors (Bush) will make in the next four years...". Hmm.. Geez, wondering about that during an election year, huh? No, no, I believe you have no ulterior motive here.
Finally comes the allegation that National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice did not seem to know who al-Qaida was. This is the pornographic Christmas ornament of 2004. The allegation is ridiculous enough that it shines the light of inquiry back on the author, not on the subject of his 'tell-all'.
I think the Bush hating nuts wing of the Democrat party will laud this book, with superlatives as 'scary', a 'shock to the system', a 'beacon of truth', much as the Clinton haters lauded Aldrich's book back when it came out. But to me, both books are cut out of the same cloth, a cloth where the most revealing passages were written in invisible ink.

Posted by Rob B. at March 22, 2004 9:33 AM