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Statement of Peace and Freedom Party Presidential Candidate Leonard Peltier

[Posted in the interest of equal time - no matter what the Green Party does, there WILL be an alternative for progressive voters on the fall 2004 California Presidential election ballot.

See the Leonard Peltier California Yahoo Group for more information about the campaign and Free Leonard Peltier for more information about the candidate. -Thomas]

Statement of Peace and Freedom Party Presidential Candidate Leonard

I am a Native American who has suffered nearly 28 years in prison,
even though government attorneys and courts acknowledge that the
government withheld evidence, fabricated evidence, and coerced
witnesses to fraudulently convict me. But the courts say they have no
power to correct the wrongs of our government. If the Courts do not,
who does?

I will ensure that all peoples receive justice. Environmental
protection is paramount for our survival. The earth is our sacred
Mother who nourishes us. Our government is destroying the earth by
allowing its usurpation for greedy purposes. I will protect the
environment. All minorities must be allowed to maintain their
languages and traditions with dignity. I personally suffered the
indignity of being deprived of speaking my native tongue and
following Lakota traditions. This country has engaged in genocidal
policies to exterminate virtually every minority, especially those
who express dissent and seek equal justice. Now is the time to end
the continuing injustices of this government and ensure liberty and
equal health care to all. Luther Standing Bear, a Sioux Chief,
stated: "Out of the Indian approach to life became a great freedom -
an intense and absorbing love for nature; a respect for life;
enriching in a supreme power; and principals of truth, honesty,
generosity, equity, and brotherhood as a guard to mundane relations."
That statement exemplifies the basic truths of life. I will represent
all people, not the entrepreneurs who care only how much money can be
stuffed into their pockets.

-Leonard Peltier

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