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Spanish Lullaby

I’ve been away on business and during that time had been relegated to getting my news from the USA Today that was delivered to my hotel room each morning and the 15 second sound bites that seem to have all but taken over the evening news. Like the rest of the world I was very saddened by the tragedy that has recently befallen the people of Spain and truly the people of the world. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. The events of 3/11 are but another sad reminder of how far we still have to go to eliminate the scourge of terrorism and an even sadder reminder of how ineffectual that effort has been so far.

As quickly as this tragic news story filled the front pages of the world’s newspapers and blanketed television screens with images of twisted smoking metal and injured victims it was bumped from the headlines by an even more gruesome story. A hard line right wing government was ousted by a blatant act of democracy and sent packing into the night! Yes it was true. The people of Spain sang their government a lullaby and sent them to bed without supper as a reward for years of lying, support for the Iraq war, and an ineffectual policy on terrorism. It is amazing how uppity these democracies can get when their elected officials lose the best interests of the people as the focus for their policies. It was democracy in action and it was a beautiful thing to see so you can imagine my shock when I returned home from my business trip, got on the internet, and found out I was all wrong.

Yes my friends, I started with Rush Limbaugh’s site and went down hill from there (Which is a hard thing to do!). It seems that in Spain the terrorists actually won. You see I had it all wrong. The terrorists were working with the opposition party in Spain to oust a government that was friendly with George Bush. They were concerned about all the success Bush has had in building international cooperation on the war on terrorism so something needed to be done and Spain was a good place to start. Now that they have accomplished this they need to figure out how to get John Kerry elected so that their victory can be complete. I had forgotten that it was liberals (In the Neocon dictionary a liberal is defined as any republican, democrat, independent, or foreign government that doesn’t completely support every position of the Bush Administration) who cheered every time a US soldier was killed in Iraq and now it is liberals around the world who are celebrating the bombings in Spain. Thank God for Rush’s compassionate conservatism which set me straight when the liberal media was threatening to lead me astray.

To be fair (and balanced?) to Rush and his fellow wingers in their analysis of the terrorist attack in Spain they actually use pretty sound reasoning in questioning anyone who benefits from a crime. Any criminal investigator will tell you that when investigating a crime the first question you ask is, “Who benefited?”. The events in Spain leave no doubt that the new government benefited greatly so it is reasonable to wonder if some sort of a link exists between that new government and Al Qaeda. I believe this is something that should be investigated. While it is often hard to determine the motives of a terrorist you can see the results and you have to accept the fact that the results might just be what the terrorist had intended. I’m sure the new government in Spain will gleefully investigate the intelligence failures of their previous administration but they may not be so enthusiastic about investigating ties that they themselves may have to Al Qaeda.

The problem with this sound reasoning that has been so quickly applied to the situation in Spain is that it is all but ignored when viewing similar events here in the United States. When looking at the events surrounding 9/11 and asking “Who benefited?” the undeniable answer is George W. Bush. Does anyone want to imagine what the effect on Bush’s presidency the Enron scandal would have had without the cover of 9/11? Does anyone remember that Bush’s approval ratings looked like they were headed to a permanent home below 50% until 9/11 vaulted them into the 90s? Does anyone not see that Bush intends to shamelessly exploit the 9/11 disaster as the centerpiece of his 2004 campaign while painting Kerry and his supporters as terrorist allies? The efforts of Al Qaeida on 9/11 represented, whether intended or not, a rescue mission for Bush and consequently Bush has done his best to stymie any legitimate investigation into one of the greatest tragedies to befall the United States in my life time. Should we be concerned about this? If you follow the Neocon logic on Spain we should be.

I hope the Spanish people recover quickly from this tragedy and if you are reading this Rush I am talking about the bombing, not the election results. I hope their grief can be turned into a positive force for a true cooperative effort to deal with terrorism. I hope someone from Spain can come to the United States and teach us the words to that lullaby so we can sing it to Bush come November.

Note: Remember back in December 2002 when that ship from North Korea ( a proven developer of WMD) carrying scud missiles to Yemen ( a country with proven terrorist ties) was intercepted by Spain) ? Well the Spanish Navy was very proud of this catch and were humiliated when the US made them release the ship and let it continue, with it’s cargo to Yemen. This is just one more reason why the Spanish people were growing dissatisfied. Isn’t the war on terrorism grand?

Posted by William Flynn at March 17, 2004 7:11 PM