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Politicians say the darndest things.

When I was a kid and got into a fight, the excuse “He started it” never really won me any points on getting out of trouble. Apparently, it’s one of those many hypocritical lessons we learn as a child that is very useful as an adult, especially if you happen to be a politician in today’s political climate.

Television Advertising is an effective tool in the war to win an election, too often the motto seems to be "win at all costs." Kerry and Bush are already throwing mud on each other after both asking to agree to run a clean race and lucky for us, the American public, we have eight more months of this to look forward to.

Kerry's recent ad was a response to Bush's negative ad that directly attacked Kerry with questionable figures and what Kerry calls "Misleading America."

Bush's ad was (most likely) in response to the recently overheard remarks by Kerry where he thought his microphone was turned off and he was recorded as saying (about Bush and his administration) "These guys are the most crooked, you know, lying group of people I've ever seen." Kerry's people have said that Kerry knew the microphone was on because it's better to look pissed off and passionate than to look like you got caught with your pants down on a private comment.

Bush's commercial is arguing that Kerry is going to raise the National deficit by $900 billion dollars, a questionable figure that the Bush people came up with by their own calculations. A bit misleading since Kerry has yet to lay down his plan on the details of his programs and a bit ironic since Bush's administration has capped new highs on the American deficit.

Both of the candidates could improve their image in what should be American Values to be proud of; Fair Competition, Sportsmanship, and dignity under fire. Instead, we seem to be focusing on topics that just pander to the audience of voters. The candidates should be telling us what's important in a president, not relying on the polls to tell them.

Posted by Beau Wade at March 12, 2004 3:29 PM