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House of Bush, House of Saud

Craig Unger’s new book is the result of his investigations into the thirty year relationship between the Bush family and the al-Saud family. I’ve found it interesting that in the late 80’s and early 90’s the Bush coterie emphasized the importance of their relationship with the Saud’s and since 9-11 they’ve been denying that there’s any real substance to the relationship.

This book highlights the incident immediately after 9-11 where many members of bin Laden’s immediate family were allowed to leave the country without being questioned along with members of the Saud family. In what is promising to be a vicious election year, I’m surprisde that the media is making no effort to cover this story at all.

I would imagine that if Kerry (or Nader) had such a close relationship with a family that has been funding al Qaeda it would be front page news every single day. And if Kerry were smart he’d be asking questions about this constantly.

Posted by rev_matt_y at March 11, 2004 1:18 PM