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Green Party Presidential Candidates Overview

I received the item below via Owen Bradhurst, who runs an informational list for Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party members entitled “need-to-know”. This list is a great source of inside information (amid a fair amount of “noise”, as well). I’m reposting this item, because it is one of the most comprehensive overviews of the various candidates for Green Party presidential nomination that I’ve seen; even I wasn’t aware that Dr. Johnathan Farley had declared that he was running for President:

NATIONAL: Dr. Jonathan Farley has announced his candidacy for the Green presidential nomination. On Monday, February 16, Dr. Farley participated in a Green presidential candidates’ debate sponsored by the University of Minnesota College Greens, the Green Party of Minnesota, and the 5th Congressional District Greens at the University of Minnesota.

Source Greensweek for Feb. 17th, 2004

NOTE: James Johnson has declared that he is abandoning his candidacy for President.

Generally speaking, as the primary results in California demonstrate (with Camejo, the non-candidate, getting 75%, and the leading declared candidates getting insubstantial numbers), the race for the Green Party Presidential nomination remains wide open. We may not know who (if anyone) the candidate will be till the end of the Green Party presidential nomination convention in June. If a prominent elected chose to step in, even at this late date, it is quite possible that they could catalyze enough support from uncommitted delegates to tie up the nomination. Even a Nader "draft" remains a possibility (though I don't sense any great enthusiasm for that among the folks likely to be delegates).

It is an interesting time to be Green.

Due to limited time, I haven't hyperlinked all the URLs, but you can of course copy and paste any of them that catch your interest.

USGP Presidential Candidates On the Massachusetts Ballot

A. David Cobb
722 Ninth St. Apt #1
Eureka, Ca 95501
707-269-0984 (home/office)
713-444-6592 (cell)

Liaison for purposes of primary:
Lynne Serpe
Phone: 646.284.2759
Address: 210 First Avenue #7 New York NY 10009

Massachusetts Contact:
Rich Zitola - 978-733-1999 /

B. Paul Glover
Box 365, Ithaca, NY. 14851
(607) 272-4330

C. Kent Mesplay
8556 Lynx Rd, San Diego, CA 92126

D. Lorna Salzman
718-522-0253; 631-653-3387
Fax: 413-410-1401
29 Middagh St., Brooklyn, NY 11201

Massachusetts Contact:
Owen Broadhurst - 413-786-1508 /

Other USGP Presidential Candidates
[Note: Several of these candidates are running as "favorite sons or
daughters" in their own home states/ territories, or declared their
candidacies too late to be listed on our ballot. All declared USGP
candidates at the time of the deadline for ballot access in Massachusetts
were contacted, and only the four candidates noted above indicated interest
in running in Massachusetts. Since that time, Peter Camejo, James A. Johson,
and Dr. Jonathan Farley have all expressed interest in either seeking the
USGP nomination, or securing delegates nationwide for the USGP nominating

A. James A. Johnson Declares Candidacy

James A. Johnson
P.O. Box 1918
Miami, FL 33101-1918
(305) 205-8489

B. Dr. Jonathan Farley Declares Candidacy
617-253-1798 office at MIT

C. Peter Camejo, Declared Interest in Primaries
[Peter Camejo was running as a favorite son in California when he declined
participation in the Massachusetts primaries. He now has expressed an
interest in running in primaries nationwide, but it is not clear that he
would accept the USGP presidential nomination if it was offered him.]

Liaison for purposes of primary:
Rachel Odes
520 3rd Street, Suite 201
Oakland, CA 94607
510-587-0800 (T,Th, F after 1pm PST)

A "Draft Camejo" campaign has begun:

D. Sheila Bilyeau, Favorite Daughter Washington DC
[Sheila Bilyeau's interest in securing local delegates is to assist a Draft
Nader campaign.]
PO Box 220210
Chantilly,VA 20153
202-679-5171; 310-804-1414 (day)

E. Carol Miller, Favorite Daugher New Mexico
[Carol Miller's interest in securing delegates is to assist a Draft Nader

505-660-5988 (day), 505-689-2361 (evening)

F. Christina Rosetti
[Christina Rosetti declared her candidacy months ago, but hasn't sought
ballot status in any state.]


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