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Live Super Tuesday Results; Edwards Out

12:44AM - I’m off. End score: Kerry 9, Dean 1. The Democratic primaries are officially over as far as most people are concerned (myself included). Now to see if a 3rd party candidate will emerge (Nader is being booed thus far). If not, this is going to be a Bush vs Kerry match-up in November. Anyways, I hope some of you enjoyed the semi-continuous coverage. I’ll be sure to do it again on election night.

11:24PM - MSNBC just called California in favor of Kerry with a gargantuan 2% of precincts reporting. You would think they would have learned something from the 2000 elections, right? Selah.

11:05PM - In regard to my previous remark: CNN just called California in Kerry’s favor with 0% reporting. Polls closed at 8PM PST (11PM EST).

11:00PM - Stick a fork in it, this primary is over. Is it too early to call California in favor of Kerry even though they still have 0% of precincts reporting? Probably a safe bet in light of the blowout so far.

10:42PM - Whatever glitched Georgia is fixed now. I wonder if that will cause any news or if it was just a fluke. Whatever it is came directly from the poll clearinghouse because everyone with feed access got bad numbers.

10:33PM - Anyone else notice that the number of precincts reporting in Georgia dropped from 83% to 1% (confirmed on FoxNews, CNN and MSNBC). Are we witnessing a little Diebold glitch in action?

10:01PM - Kerry just overtook Edwards in Georgia by 4000 votes. 76% of precincts reporting.

9:44PM - It looks like Kerry is going to have a super Tuesday indeed, 6/10 states are already called in his favor, with California and Minnesota expected to go in his favor as well. I wouldn't hold my breath for an Edwards upset in California, but Minnesota may hold some surprise. Either way, Kerry has apparently cinched the Democratic nomination and is well on his way to the general election. Anyone want to guess on the pick for VP?

9:01PM - I am now posting updated results [extended entry] of the polls as they come in. There will be a 15-20 minute delay between updates, so no need to break your refresh button. If you need up-to-the minute results, thats not us.

8:38PM - CNN has confirmed that Edwards is leaving the race. He wil concede tomorrow and has already begun addressing his supporters and had the following to say about Kerry:
"He's run a strong, powerful campaign," Edwards said. "He's been an extraordinary advocate for causes that all of us believe in."
8:32PM - It looks like Edwards is going to throw in the towel even though he is expected to win Georgia by a narrow margin. CNN and others are already handing Vermont to Dean (who has already quit but not actively pulled his name from ballots). Kerry is expected to sweep the other states and has already the projected at winner for Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts and Ohio (based on exit polls, which are dubious, but useful).

Poll results last updated: 12:12p=PM 3/3/04

California - 100% reporting
Candidate %
Kerry 64%
Edwards 20%
Kucinich 4%

Connecticut - 100% reporting
Candidate %
Kerry 58%
Edwards 24%
Lieberman 5%

- 99% reporting
Candidate %
Kerry 47%
Edwards 41%
Sharpton 6%

Maryland - 99% reporting
Candidate %
Kerry 60%
Edwards 26%
Sharpton 4%

Massachusetts - 100% reporting
Candidate %
Kerry 72%
Edwards 18%
Kucinich 4%

Minnesota - 87% reporting
Candidate %
Kerry 51%
Edwards 27%
Lieberman 17%

New York - 99% reporting
Candidate %
Kerry 61%
Edwards 20%
Sharpton 8%

Ohio - 100% reporting
Candidate %
Kerry 52%
Edwards 34%
Kucinich 9%

Rhode Island
- 99% reporting
Candidate %
Kerry 71%
Edwards 19%
Dean 4%

Vermont - 100% reporting
Candidate %
Dean 58%
Kerry 34%
Kucinich 4%

Posted by SoL at March 2, 2004 8:32 PM