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Making Unborn Children Matter

Today the House of Representatives passed a bill treating unborn children as a second victim in murders of pregnant wome. This is an amazingly important measure not only because it punishes those who attack pregnant women, but because it establishes the principle in our law that unborn children actually matter.

It is no surprise that many pro-aborts voted and spoke against this measure. Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., declared that the bill "is not about shielding pregnant women... It is and has always been about undermining freedom of choice." The great thing is that this bill separates out the "choice" issue and shows these people for who they really are and what they are really after. In the process of making these "choice” they NEED to ignore the small person inside the woman- they realize they cannot succeed in their cause if people begin to see unborn child, instead of always focusing on the mother (After all, its so much easier to care about the people we see than those we do not- why do you think most people do not care about children dying of AIDs in Africa? Because they do not SEE them and do not think of them as a result).

The opponent of this bill are the same people who voted against a bill to protect newborn children who were born after a botched abortion- and this makes their real position and real views all the more clear. They, unlike many who support abortion, see the critical connection between measures like the partial birth abortion ban, this bill, the bill protecting newborn children from botched abortions to the overall issue of the status of the unborn human being (scientifically, its not disputable that its human being). As the connection is drawn more and more clearly for the American people, we may begin to see a shift from the 50/50 stance on abortion that seems to be set in this country for a while now.

Of course this bill now moves to the Senate, where the malaportionment of the body (and the filibuster rules) may lead this important measure supported by representatives for the majority of the people to be blocked. I hope not, and I hope Bush decides to stop all this nonsense of this passed week and focus his attention, his policy advocates and his presidential power to get this measure through the Senate.

Posted by Misha Tseytlin at February 26, 2004 10:53 PM